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Current Events

American Meteorological Society Webinar on Spiritual/Faith-based Environmentalism

Presented by the AMS Committee on Spirituality, Multifaith Outreach, and Science (COSMOS), hear collaboration opportunities between the AMS and Spiritual/Faith-Based Organizations on building a Weather-Ready Nation. 2pm EDT on June 1st. Register here.

COP26 – Joint Appeal from Faith Leaders

COP26 (Oct 31st-Nov 12th, 2021) is the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change. World Leaders, activists, industry groups and observers come together to discuss and act on Climate Change. Several religious/faith leaders came together to make a joint appeal on climate action in the COP26. For more information:

Statements on Climate Change from World Religions/Faiths

Here, you can find statements from various World Religions/Faiths on Climate Change / Environmental Protection.