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Ministries & Organizations

Below are links and information to a variety of faith/spiritual, academic, and research communities focusing on environmentalism and faith. If you would like to add yours to this list please email me at


Interfaith Power & Light

Interfaith organization mobilizing individuals of spiritual/religious background to climate justice and action. The organization has numerous chapters across the United States and is responsible for the Faith Climate Action Week, a 10-day period of climate action through education, worship services, and sermons, and Cool Congregations, a program aimed at reducing emissions of faith communities via their facilities and homes.


Worldwide Interfaith movement on climate action and justice. Members reflect and transform their lives on ways to combat environmental issues, and build communities that educate, grow, and take action on climate change and other environmental issues via Circles. Greenfaith leads Faiths 4 Climate Justice, a global interfaith action event of prayer, music, meditation, and vigils within churches and outside of political and financial institutions.

Unitarian Universalist Association

UU is a multi-spiritual faith with numerous climate and environmental justice ministries and actions. UU partners with the Green Sanctuary Program, and the United Nations (UN) on their 17 sustainable development goals / Climate Justice Initiative. From the UU Ministry of Earth, the UU Climate Action Network works with UU congregations and surrounding communities on climate action, education, and justice.

American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAAS is a professional society on the advancement of science for the general public. The AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) is a program aimed at enhancing communication of science to faith publics. Several resources are available on how to communicate science to faith communities, workshops, and educational tools for scientists and the general public related to climate-related issues. DoSER programs include Science for Seminaries, Science in Continuing Education for Pastors, Science Engagement in Rabbinic Training, and the Perceptions Project.

Yale School of the Environment

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology in the School of the Environment is a project aimed at environmentalism across faith communities. Resources include published works, news, books, videos, and educational tools on faith and climate action. The Forum also has a list of North American institutions with Religion and Ecology programs that offer degrees on faith-based environmentalism.

United Nations Environmental Programme

The UN Environmental Programme Faith for Earth Initiative is a project aimed at empowering faith communities to act on environmental issues with the UN and its sustainable development goals. Specific initiatives and goals can be found here.


Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences /EcoIslam

IFEES works on environmental issues through education, conservation, and sustainable development that is rooted in Islamic teachings. IFEES oversses/works on several projects including Green Mosque Projects, Schools4Trees, and the Plastic Free Iftar movement.

Green Muslims

Green Muslims is a community focusing on Muslim-based environmentalism through education, service, and contemplation. Green Muslims oversees environmental educational programs such as Our Deen is Green, and the Interfaith Outdoor Education Program, and resources for an environmentally friendly Ramadan.

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Green Initiative

The ISNA Green Initiative is a movement aimed at environmental advocacy within Muslim communities. The Green Initiative includes several projects and resources such as the Green Majid Project, which is a booklet on adopting environmentally friendly practices at Mosques and Islamic institutions, the ISNA EPA Energy Star Action workbook for Muslim Communities, and Greening our Ramadan.


Indigenous Climate Network

ICN is an Indigenous-led organization across a variety of indigenous communities focusing on climate justice and solutions towards the climate crisis. Numerous resources and training are provided, such as the Indigenous Climate Action Youth Wellness Honorarium, which helps remove barriers for young indigenous adults to organize and engage in climate action and justice, and the Indigenous Climate Action Toolkit, which provides indigenous resources, values, and knowledge on environmental issues, and their impacts on indigenous communities.

Rising Voices

Rising Voices is an Indigenous and Earth Sciences Program with the National Center for Atmospheric Research aimed at facilitating intercultural, relational-based ideas and approaches for understanding, mitigating, and adapting to weather risks and climate change. Aims at bridging Earth science with the values, science, and knowledge systems of indigenous communities by collaboration between scientific professionals, tribal and community leaders, educators, artists, and students.

Indigenous Environmental Network

IEN is an Indigenous-led organization aimed at addressing environmental and economic justice issues, and educating an empowering Indigenous peoples on climate action, justice, sustainable development, and other environmental risks. IEN organizes several climate/environmental action campaigns such as Thrive, Save Our Roots, and Regenerative Economy.



EcoSikh is a Sikh-based environmental ministry aimed at tackling environmental issues through mobilization, education, climate action and justice amongst Sikh communities. Programs include the Guru Nanak Sacred Forest, a project aimed at planting micro forests in Punjab and surrounding communities, Sikh Environmental Day, a program aimed at making Sikh religious/academic institutions and communities eco-friendly, and resources on environmental activism from the Sikh tradition.


Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

COEJL is a coalition to deepen, mobilize, and broaden the Jewish community on stewardship and protection of the Earth via education, service, and outreach. Programs include Tikkun HaYam’s Reverse Tachlich, a marine and water conservation program, and webinars on environmental justice and climate action.


Hazon is a movement aimed at enhancing sustainable Jewish communities through community, environmental sustainability, and climate justice. Programs include the Hazon Seal of Sustainability, a resource for green tools on sustainability for Jewish communities, the Jewish Youth Climate Movement, and Brit Hazon.

Jewish Climate Action Network

JCAN works to increase awareness and action on the climate crisis through relationship building, mobilization, education, and organizing through Jewish communities. Programs include the Massengerize Collaboration, a group that mobilizes Jewish communities to take household climate actions, the Jewish Climate Action Conference, and several webinars on climate action and justice.


One Earth Sangha

Buddhist organization aimed towards a transformative response to the ecological crises utilizing the insights and practices of the Buddhist tradition. Several programs and resources include trainings and workshops on EcoDharma, a way of life practicing Dharma through an ecological and environmentally conscious lens, EcoSanghas, which are local groups with curated EcoDharma events, and several climate action/justice events through One Earth Action.


Evangelical Environmental Network

Evangelical organization aimed at mobilizing, equipping, educating, and advocating climate action/justice within the evangelical Christian community. Initiatives include the Creation Care Champions, which is a environmental stewardship campaign with events relating to environmental action, the Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, resources and webinars on climate solutions and sustainable development.

Laudato Si’ Movement

Global Catholic movement based on the call to environmental action from the encyclical Laudato Si’, by Pope Francis. The movement includes resources on the ecological crisis and the call to action following Catholic tradition, Laudato Si’ Week, a week-long series of webinars on the encyclical and ways to mobilize for climate justice, and Laudato Si’ Circle or Global Catholic Climate Movement Chapter, which are local groups aimed at tackling environmental issues in local communities and ways to be environmentally friendly at parishes/Catholic institutions.

Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration

Orthodox Fellowship created to offer an Orthodox response on environmental issues and climate change through environmental education, advocation of environmentally friendly practices across Orthodox institutions and homes, and prayer. Programs include the Greening the Orthodox Parish, a guide on spiritual and physical steps for a ecological conscientious Orthodox community, workshops on awareness of nature and faith such as the Christ in wilderness Workshops, conferences, and resources on responding to the ecological crisis through an Orthodox lens.


International Environmental Forum

A Bahá’í-inspired professional organization aimed at environmental action through the Bahá’í tradition. IEF annual conference brings organizations and ministries from around the World to discuss environmental issues (e.g., human health/biodiversity and climate change) within the Bahá’í community. IEF provides numerous Bahá’í resources and explanations on climate change, air pollution, biodiversity and other environmental issues. The IEF e-learning centre is an educational tool for anyone to access on climate change and sustainable development.


Hindu Climate Action

HCA aims at mobilizing the Hindu community though awareness on climate change and other ecological crises and its importance through the Hindu tradition, and action through campaigns, education, and initiatives on climate activism. Programs include In Conversation With, a platform aimed at highlighting the work of climate activists, organizations and sampradaya (community), climate workshops, Ditch the Plastic Project, and resources on Hinduism and the Environment and going on going Green at home.