Faith/Spirituality &

Climate Action


Below are a collection of media resources on environmental action through spiritual/faith-based communities and Earth Science education from faith-based scientists. Please contact me at if there is a platform/service related to faith/climate work that would be beneficial to publicize here..

American Meteorological Society Committee on Spirituality, Multifaith Outreach, and Science

The American Meteorological Society is a professional society for the weather, water, and climate enterprise, comprising of scientists, professionals, and educators in the Earth Sciences. Here, you can find an introductory video on the AMS COSMOS (formerly the Interfaith Committee) as well as the the AMS Interfaith/spiritual webinar: How can How Can Spiritual and Faith-Based Knowledge Systems Inform the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise?

Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe

A series of short-videos from Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe via PBS Digital Studios, discussing climate, faith, and politics.

Parliament of the World Religions

Interfaith organization seeking to share dialogue amongst world religions on critical issues of our time. Content includes discussion, education, and mobilization on interfaith involvement in climate-related topics, such as the role of interfaith communities in the UN Climate Change Conference.

Climate Outreach: A Guide to Talking with Five Major Faiths

Climate Outreach with GreenFaith on communicating climate change to several major faiths across the glove.

Indigenous Climate Action

Indigenous Climate Action has several media content and resources on climate action, education, and mobilization from indigenous communities.

American Association for the Advancement of Science: Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion

AAAS DoSER has several media content on communicating Earth Science to interfaith communities. There are also several projects with AAAS working with interfaith communities on climate action and justice.